Yahoo Chat Rooms: Is Yahoo Chat Coming Back?

yahoo chat rooms

Yahoo is the most trusted and used email service provider because of the multiple features and benefits that are related to it. This email allows the users to compose emails, make live video calls, send emails and make attachments and many more. Recently the Yahoo got merged with ATT emails. One of the incredible features of Yahoo that was shut is the Yahoo chat rooms. There are numerous questions that come to the user’s mind is Yahoo chat coming back. If you have these queries then you must read this blog in a detailed manner-

Is Yahoo chat rooms still available?

No, yahoo chat rooms are not available yet. The kids of the ’90s will have a lot of memory related to chat rooms. This facility of Yahoo was introduced in 1997 and then its name was changed to Yahoo messenger in 1999. At that time, there were millions of users of Yahoo using this feature of Yahoo messenger. Again in 2012, Yahoo announced that they are shutting down its feature of Yahoo messenger. As per their superiors, they wanted to close these features to give more concentration on other Yahoo services and products that are lacking behind.

After the end of chat rooms, Yahoo again introduced its new feature of Yahoo! messenger in 2015. This feature was similar to all other messaging apps such as stickers, emojis and GIFS. When it came back, a lot of new features were introduced to it.

Is Yahoo chat coming back?

Many people are asking whether Yahoo chat is back or not. Well, it is not back yet. But, here are a few important things that you should understand first-

Re-release of Yahoo messenger

In 2015, Yahoo re-released the product with all important features like messaging apps. But there were many other market players such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Google Talk because of which Yahoo never got attention. The reason, for the shutting down of Yahoo chat earlier, was the low traffic and a low number of users. Despite all these dominant players, Yahoo tried to revive itself several times by updating features for Android and iOS apps.

Along with the web version, people were using this messenger even on their mobile phones. But it again failed to make a mark on the audience as there were many other apps in the market.

Thus, the parent company of Yahoo decided to shut down the feature of Yahoo messenger in the coming months. In July 2018, Yahoo pulled the plug of Yahoo messenger and it was permanently closed down. Since then, Yahoo messenger and chat rooms are not available.

Yahoo Together

Another service that Yahoo started after closing down Yahoo Messenger was Yahoo together. This was a cross-platform messaging service that was developed by the Yahoo team for the users of android and iOS devices. But, this feature also didn’t succeed in attracting customers and as a result of which they pulled the plug on Yahoo Together within a year of its launch.

If we will talk about the messaging app or feature, then Yahoo doesn’t have any. After April 2019, Yahoo is not having any mobile messaging app after the closure of its service Yahoo Together. There’s no Yahoo messenger or chat rooms and they also have not announced their intention of coming back in the market.

Let’s talk about the future

The Yahoo parent company has no intention and interest in bringing the Yahoo messenger back. This is because they show a huge decline in the number of users on this messenger app. If they got any idea that is better than the existing dominating players in the market, then there is a chance to flourish. But until then, Yahoo Messenger users will have to wait.

What is an alternative to the Yahoo chat room?

Today, there can be seen the number of options that can be used as an alternative for Yahoo chat rooms. Let’s have a close look at these in a detailed manner-

Google Hangouts:

One of the options that people are using is Google Hangout. Today, millions of users are in Google which is the latest Google communication platform. Hangout is a combination of three previous Google products that include Google Talk, Google + Messenger and Hangouts. With this, it becomes easier to do messaging, video chat, send documents, images, SMS and VOIP services.


Another alternative is SKYPE that is a popular as well as longtime standby in the instant messaging market. This alternative is good for making video calls anytime any day. Whether it is for personal or professional work, there are numerous users of Skype till date. This option specializes in making video and voice calls between any range of devices. The good thing is that it is free to use.

Facebook messenger-

Facebook messenger is yet another important app through which one can chat to others in real time. All that you need to do is to create a FB account so that you can log in to the FB messenger with ease without paying anything extra. Isn’t it great? Using this app, you can also exchange images, videos, stickers and emojis.


Telegram is another voice-based IP and cloud-based instant messaging service through which one can get connected. No matter what’s the range between the device is, you can exchange audio, videos, images, stickers, and any other files.

How can I access Yahoo chat?

Today, there’s no availability of Yahoo chat thus it won’t be possible for any Yahoo user to access Yahoo chat rooms. In 2018, Yahoo closed its service of Yahoo chat and messaging. Till date, Yahoo has not made a come back.

But, the good thing is that you can view your “Messenger conversation” history in Yahoo Mail. For this, you need to click on the “Messenger” icon to open a pop-up window. From here, you need to go to the “Status” menu and then select “Conversation History” to access your chat logs.

Are there yahoo chat rooms anymore?

No, chat rooms are not available anymore. Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Chat was a public chat room service that was shut down entirely on July 17, 2018. After that, they introduced a new service titled Yahoo! Together but it also shut down in 2019.

What happened to chat rooms in Yahoo?

Because of less traffic, Yahoo closed it down back in 2019. Till date, there’s no messaging app with Yahoo.

Is a Yahoo chat room coming back?

No, Yahoo has not said anything about this. This means Yahoo and its parent company are not in a mood to make a comeback in the market.

Does Yahoo still have free chat rooms?

The answer to this question is no. Free Yahoo chat rooms services have been permanently closed many years back. Yahoo messenger also got shut down in 2019 as it was not able to gather ample traffic.

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